Mind-controlled quadrotor

How's this for an NROS 415 project?

NROS 215: Healing mental illness with neurofeedback

Here's a link to an article about using biofeedback, basically knowing how some areas of your brain are responding, to potentially heal mental illnesses. Wouldn't it be great if the solution to psychological problems could be solved with a personal EEG machine? This is what we're doing in lab right now!

NROS 215: Informed consent survey

If you want to participate as a subject in our human experiments (which we may start today if there are no flies), you will first need to fill out the survey on D2L. This is optional, but only people who have consented can be used as subjects.

First lab report due this Friday

Since we finished (for the most part) the practical for muscle stimulation/recording last week, I'd like to have your written reports for that lab in the D2L dropbox by this Friday. If you have questions about content or format, today would be the day to ask.

NROS 215: Writing Preceptor!

I am very happy to announce that we have a writing preceptor for NROS 215. Jessy Williams is available by email appointment to help you improve your writing. Since I do expect good spelling, grammar, syntax, and logical flow as well as superb technical content in your written documents, I think you will appreciate Jessy's help.

We would like to thank our sponsors:

Funding from the Mathworks made this lab possible!
Special thanks to Professor Rick Levine and Professor Lynne Oland for the loan of equipment that made this lab complete.

Lab Location

The Lab is located in the Gould Simpson building, Room 404, on the University of Arizona campus.

To contact us, please email: