Substance CelsiusFahrenheit Kelvin Note
Absolute zero -273.1°C-460°F 0°K (coldest possible temperature)
Deep space -270.5°C -455°F 2.7°K
Dark side of moon -153°C -243°F 120°K
Mars surface average -55° C -67° F 218°K
Water melts 0°C 32°F
Earth surface average 16°C 61°F 289°K
Human body temperature 37°C 98.6°F
Water boils 100°C 212°F
Cotton auto-ignition 120°C 250°F
Paper auto-ignition 249°C 480°F (not really 451°F, sorry Ray)
Solder melts 250°C 481°F
Soldering iron temperature 427°C 800°F
Hot side of Mercury 427°C 800°F
Aluminum melts 660°C 1,221°F
Steel melts 1,370°C 2,500°F
Candle flame 1,400°C 2,600°F
Iron melts 1,510°C 2,750°F
Stainless steel melts 1,535°C 2,795°F
Blowtorch 1,600°C 2,900°F
Propane torch 1,995°C 3,620°F
Oxyacetylene torch 3,000°C 5,400°F
Tungsten melts 3422 °C 6,192°F (hottest metal melting point)
Sun (photosphere) 5,505°C 9,941°F 5778°K
Sun (core) 15 million°C 27 million°F 15 million°K
Supernova core 100 billion°K (after collapse)

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